Ray j and Princess Love at the photo shoot for pregnant women declare divorce

Рэй Джей и Принцесс Лав на фотосессии для беременных заявляют о разводе

Ray j and Princess Love back together after a week of bitter enmity. They do not comment on their reunion, but his most recent story in Instagram shows that divorce is paused.
Just a few days ago Princess Love threatened to divorce ray Jay, accusing him that he left her in Las Vegas. But between them, everything seems to be adjusted again because the rapper just shared a BTS video on his pregnant wife during pregnancy and childbirth, and it became evident that he again became its biggest fan.
In the video, filmed The Shade Room, model 35-year-old future mommy, which is the eighth month of pregnancy with her second child, can see her pressed to his chest his camera and projivaet in large silver angel wings. Ray Jay is not visible on camera, but his unmistakable voice can be heard, giving compliments his pregnant wife on her skills of posing. First he says: “Kill them”, when the Princess poses for the camera against the white background of the holiday.

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#PressPlay: Okay!! Looks like #RayJ and #PrincessLove are on better terms following the Vegas shenanigans 👀👏🏾

Publication from The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) November 26, 2019 3:23 PST

In the following video ray J says: “it Looks like dope” and the Princess asks him, “does it look okay?”, And ray J quickly soothes her, saying: “I can only imagine how it looks on the camera.” Hard to believe that these two lovers dove was on the verge of collapse just a few days ago.
The latest drama between the stars of Love & Hip Hop began after they attended the Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas on November 17. In social networks, she said that ray J left her and their 17-month-old daughter, melody, in Las Vegas, and then he publicly denied her accusations. Troubled couple for several days had been exchanging insults and accusations in social networks and forced the fans to make sure their tumultuous love affair is really over. 21 Nov Princess went Live on Instagram and told all of his fans: “I don’t want to be married. Period. I don’t have time for this. It is not love. And I’m done.

But despite all the fights, ray J. has made it clear that he is not ready to abandon their marriage. He wrote a heartfelt apology on his page in Instagram. “My heart was heavy for the last week. I miss my baby melody so much, it hurts! I’m sorry that the world needs to see such relationships as they crumble. To be in a solid relationship, you need to keep people away from it and let God decide that. I will continue to be the best person and father I can be, regardless of what others think. Without respect there is nothing.”

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