Raimonds Pauls has brought Pugachev and Resnick

Раймонд Паулс помирил Пугачеву и РезникаAt the anniversary concert of the Maestro has allowed the argument length in seven years.

The stars of Russian show-business gathered 26 fervalya to congratulate Raymond Pauls with the 80th anniversary. According to rumors, this was the last concert in Moscow – the Maestro rarely left his native Latvia.

“What you look so sad? — started the show with a question Pauls. Lime said that I look good”.

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From the stage this evening sounded the greatest hits of the Maestro: “opening day” performed by Valery Leontiev and Laima Vaikule, “I went out in Piccadilly”, “Antique clock”, “I draw you”, “yellow Leaves” and, of course, not without the beloved smash-hit “Million scarlet roses”, which was performed by Alla Pugacheva.

The Diva looked amazing! Leather leggings, a fitted blazer and… not believe… classic black pumps with thin stiletto!

Pugachev shoes haven’t been worn! It is usually performed either in shoes on the platform or on the solid bottom. It seems that the singer decided to completely change the style. The usual dress robes already in her wardrobe replaced tight dresses, get down to revolution in footwear.

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Yeah, recently prima Donna simply does not know. Even became jealous: we all want to look like in 66 years! It seems that Alla Borisovna even more lost, and it is clear that very happy with the result, she danced, ran around the stage, making faces, just like old times, and sang five songs.

By the way, Ani Lorak, on the contrary, this evening was not herself. I think she rented one of the hoodies Pugacheva – singer appeared on stage in a white sheet. It is clear that the choice of attire was dictated by the song Caroline sang a very touching song “Love has come” – the hit song Roza Rymbayeva. Most likely, the singer wanted to create a romantic image, but a little overdone. Lorak reminded not the Greek goddess, not a Ghost…

And after the concert unexpectedly happened legendary event. It turns out that in the hall the whole evening sitting and listening to songs by Ilya Reznik, the author of the words to most hits Pugacheva, which she did.

Everyone knows that Diva and poet for seven years, are at loggerheads. What separated old friends, already no one will remember. It was rumored that the reason for the money. Supposedly, Alla Borisovna was in shock from the amount that Reznik rolled her to payment of copyright at the time of release of its “Golden collection” greatest hits. Reznik, in turn, was offended that the singer actually decided to bargain. And then they even said Hello.

And here after the concert Pauls Ilya Reznik with a bouquet of flowers went to Pugacheva in the dressing room. He stayed there half an hour and left satisfied and happy. Answering the question “did you make up?” he smiled and said, “But we aren’t enemies!”

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