Proven: rich people weaker feel pain

Доказано: богатые люди слабее чувствуют больAmerican scientists have made a curious discovery. It turns out that rich people weaker pain.

Experts from the University of Virginia conducted several studies designed to establish the relationship between income and health. And came to the conclusion: rich people are less susceptible to pain!

The study participants were asked to go through tests for pain threshold. For example, lower the hand in a bucket of ice. And quickly pulled out the ones who at the moment was in a difficult financial position.

This relationship seems strange, but scientists have found it the same. Poor people feel a lack of control over their lives, and it causes stress, which is known to reduce the pain threshold.

This was confirmed by other studies. People often complained of pain in periods of financial instability, and the loss of work began in large numbers to use painkillers.

The results of these experiments, of course, inapplicable in practice, but can serve as an excellent incentive to find a way to earn more. After all, even if you agree that money can’t buy happiness, well-being, they, as it turned out, guaranteed.

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