Pregnant Valeriya gay Germanika filed for divorce

Беременная Валерия Гай Германика подала на разводCelebrity and had not lived with the father of her unborn child.

Marriage is a delicate matter. 31-year-old Valeria Gai Germanika said that he had split up with her husband, 30-year-old dancer Vadim Lyubushkin. Even the imminent birth of their child are unable to save the relationship and keep love…

On the causes of divorce and living without her husband Gai Germanika said in an interview with Vadim Wernick, editor of the magazine “OK!”.

“Our exclusive!!! Valeria Gai germanica was first told that is pregnant and filed for divorce with Vadim Lyubushkin after five months of marriage. Thank you, Lera, for your trust me and our magazine,” quoted the publication of Vadim Vernik on the social network Internet portal “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

In conversation with the editors, Director and screenwriter said that really rushed the wedding, but otherwise she could not have acted.

“I all but shouted, warned that so quickly he cannot marry her. But he had nowhere to live in Moscow, and we had to get married, not to live outside of marriage, because this is unacceptable for me. And anyway, I was sure that true love comes after marriage, with trouble, with all sorts of joint trials,” shared Director and screenwriter. And also added that the main reason for the break with Lyubushkina have their different views on life and family.

Valeria Gai germanica and Vadim Lyubushkin, recall, met in January 2015 on the project “Dances with stars”. At first they kept it a bit dark, and then suddenly announced the wedding. A modest ceremony was held in the summer in Moscow, it was attended by only relatives and friends of the newlyweds.

In the autumn it became known that Gai Germanika pregnant. But while we were happy for her personal life, she began to go out without a wedding ring. And now it turned out that the decoration of a celebrity wouldn’t accidentally…

I hope that Vadim Lyubushkin will help her in the upbringing of their common child. By the way, for Gai Germanika, the child will be the second. From his first marriage she left a seven-year-old daughter Octavia.

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