Philip Kirkorov has changed for children

The once scandalous Russian singer Philip Kirkorov recently somewhat faded. No antics, public showdown, it’s boring. It was different before – one pink blouse. It turns out, to change their behavior Philip decided because of the children.

With the birth of Alla-Victoria and Martin Kirkorov appeared at the sense of responsibility to the children for themselves and their actions. Possessing a hot temper, the artist keeps himself in check to not to blush in front of her daughter and son.
“With the birth of children my Outlook has changed, I became more responsible, always weigh what you do or say. I would hate to blush when they grow up and find something mean about me on the Internet. From the first day after the birth of Alla-Victoria during stress conditions I hit the brakes, not react violently, as if I wasn’t hard. I do not deliver joy to the journalists to write bad things about me. No Scandals. Now I live in complete harmony and absolute happiness, and enjoy every moment spent with children,” said Philip.
By the way, soon in the family is expected to replenish. No, Kirkorov is not going while to become a father again – at the birthday of Alla-Victoria, he is going to give her the puppy, “looks like a Fox on short legs”. Kirkorov already knows who will give his daughter her first pet – this is his old friend.
Kids artist not attend kindergarten, but regularly visit the group’s development. Their father realizes that kids need to learn to live in society. Despite advice from all sides to send their children abroad, Philip is very keen that his son and daughter studied and lived in Russia.
“The main thing is that they grow in love, they were fed and healthy,” — says the artist.

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