Pavel Volya — biography, photos

Павел Воля — биография, фотографии

In the floodplains of the river of Sura, 629 km Southeast of Moscow, on seven hills of the city Pumice, 14 March 1979 born and raised Paul A. Will, in the family of Tamara and Alexei Will.

Павел Воля — биография, фотографии

In 1986, Paul went to school No. 11, where he was the captain of KVN team “Valeon Dasson” that didn’t stop him from finishing with a silver medal. And stay on the honor roll today.

Павел Воля — биография, фотографии

The first money Paul earned a student of the pedagogical University. V. Belinsky, under the pseudonym “Pavel Dobrovolskiy”, working on Russian radio DJ.

Павел Воля — биография, фотографии

After a long search and wandering on the radio and television landscape in 2005, the world has opened a new Paul Will. Speaking in TC “atrium” together with Comedy club, Paul took the pseudonym “Paul “Snowball”Will”, and Vaslav without any hesitation the audience in the VIP area, has earned the glamorous title of a bastard that only gave surroundings his image.

Павел Воля — биография, фотографии

However, Paul “Snowball” Will did not stop there. In 2007 he started a solo career, and just blew up the Russian show business songs “Everything will be awesome”, “Mom”, “Barvikha”, “Penza city” and “Poezdatye”. At the same time it is actively being invited to act in films that he manages with brilliant success.

The only thing that remained unrealized at Pavel Volya – life. Despite his success in show business, love is in no hurry to “glamorous bastard”. To this day, Paul remains unmarried, but is quite satisfied with his life, after all he is not deprived of attention of the female.

And as he sings the Paul “Snowball” Will, “once, gone all of my trains… but I poezdatye”.

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