Paul McCartney was not allowed to go to the party “Grammy”

Пола Маккартни не пустили на вечеринку «Грэмми»Sir Paul was given the heave – he couldn’t get to the festival on the occasion of the music awards.

In company with the former beatle were the musician Beck Hansen and drummer for the band Foo Fighters, but security staff Los Angeles nightclub Argyle, where was the party after the ceremony of the Grammy awards, didn’t recognize the artists and denied them entrance.

In the video you can hear sir Paul with irony said, “How much more should we become VIP? We need to write another hit”. The company then laughed and got in the limo and went to another club. Fortunately the party was not the only one – then McCartney saw at club Hyde at the party Mark Ronson, who, incidentally, received a “Grammy” (with Bruno Mars) for the best record of the year – hit Uptown Funk.

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