Pamela Anderson disgraced in torn dress

Памела Андерсон опозорилась в рваном платье
Памела Андерсон опозорилась в рваном платье

Recently, well-known actress Pamela Anderson attending “Animals Benefit Gala in Los Angeles, informs

For this event the actress chose a long white dress, which by the end of the evening turned into a rag.

The fact that Pamela Anderson drunk, and her behavior was far from feminine.

Moreover, the celebrity tore my dress and looked very unattractive.

Pamela were talking loudly, laughing, and absolutely no attention to your appearance.

At the end of the evening, the actress did not have the strength to pose for the camera, but annoying paparazzi still caught her drunk and posted pictures of the network.

Fans were in shock from the shame of our favorite.

But the Pamela campaign are really upset about it.

It has repeatedly been at the center of scandalous events, so this incident is not particularly concerned about it.

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