Pamela Anderson accused of racism because of Halloween costume

Памелу Андерсон обвинили расизме из-за костюма на Хэллоуин

Памелу Андерсон обвинили расизме из-за костюма на Хэллоуин

Pamela Anderson tweeted on October 31, two photos in which she wore only white lingerie dress and headdress of native Americans. This outfit was her Halloween costume. Such a simple outfit has caused an unexpected public reaction.

After the publication of this article on Pamela barrage of negative comments. She posted a link to an article entitled “the Illogic of cultural behavior” on Twitter.
Some Twitter users are dissatisfied with the Pamela Anderson costume for Halloween. 52-year-old blonde has posted two sexy photos of your outfit on this spooky holiday, but many of her followers were not happy with the accessory that she wore. In one picture she is in white panties, holding the headdress of native Americans. In the second picture she is standing in the same outfit, with his back to the camera, but this time the headdress worn on the head. “Happy Halloween” — that’s just sign post Pamela, adding a few emoticons ghosts. And then negative comments began to grow easy on the eyes.

Памелу Андерсон обвинили расизме из-за костюма на Хэллоуин

“It’s really disappointing and racist theme pam, I thought you were better than this,” wrote one of the followers. “Honey, please, no. I truly respect you and you have a generally good policy,” wrote another. “You are the only feathers of the dead bird, pam? Cultural appropriation, racism, and hypocrisy — all in one photo shoot. I’m sure the people @peta are very proud of our relationship with you,” said the third.
As soon as the fourth follower wrote: “And it is against the killing of seals ?!”, Pamela replied without hesitation. “Yes, I have a very negative attitude to the killing of seals. It’s barbaric and horrible to kill baby seals. There are other ways to stay true to the traditions and preserve the environment,” she said.
Despite the somewhat negative reaction to your photos on Twitter, Pamela also put a post in Instagram, with a longer signature. “Whenever you do something that’s desire or your soul — you create suffering. Life is a process of becoming, a combination of States through which we must pass. Where people fail, they want to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death,” she wrote.

Although Pamela, most likely, didn’t want to offend anyone with their Halloween costume, costumes of native Americans has long been criticized because of the inaccurate picture of a modern indigenous population. Hyun Josephine Tarrant gave an interview to NPR last week and explained why many took offense to photos of the former Playboy rabbit. “It’s really a reflection of how we look at not native Americans and what we are”, she said. “We do not believe modern humans. It’s also something that people really hard to understand that what they do is offensive”.

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