“Oscar 2016”: the winners and the show

"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу

Mark raglans, brie Larson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Alicia vikander

All night SPLETNIK.RU led online broadcast of the ceremony awarding the prize “Oscar”, and now it’s time to take stock of the main cinematographic events of the year.

The gala event, as usual, went a big way: the spectacular outfits, the sparkle of diamonds, the flash of cameras and dazzling smile of celebrities – to discuss the ceremony by fashion critics and gossips will be for a long time. February 28 on the red carpet in front of the cinema “Dolby” in Los Angeles, as expected, brought together top Hollywood stars – from Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet to Matt Damon and Jennifer garner. To arrive to the ceremony the guests began several hours before its start, to have time to communicate with journalists, to greet fans and show itself in all its glory.

However, if we do not like the stars to pose for photographers and to feel in the spotlight, they all hurried into the hall – the ceremony promised to be interesting.

"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу
Chris Rock

So it turned out – and with pleasant surprises and disappointments. So, many critics predicted a victory Sylvester Stallone in the category “Best supporting actor” for the film “creed: Legacy rocky” – it was considered that this would be fair, because “iron Sly” no one “Oscar”, and he was nominated only once (scary thought, 1977) . However, the statuette went to Michael Rylance, brilliantly played in the “Spy bridge” – deserved, but fans of Stallone still upset.

Surprised many and win Alejandro gonzález iñárritu nomination for Best Director with the movie “the Survivor”: no, the talent of the Mexican, who is so fond of Hollywood kinobossy, no one doubted. But to believe that the Academy will once again give preference to the master, it was difficult: it can not Inarritu to win two years in a row (in 2015 it has received three “Oscar” for the film “Birdman”)! It turned out. Iñárritu did not conceal a happy smile, upon receiving the award, but the critics were depressed: a ribbon awarded this year as many as 12 nominations, many believe is not as strong as previous works by the Director, and even openly borrowed (Parallels with the work of Andrei Tarkovsky’s obvious even for those who are poorly versed in cinema).

"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу
Emmanuel lubetski, Leonardo DiCaprio and Alejandro gonzález iñárritu

Exactly the same amazing story and a nomination for best song. Won Sam Smith with the song Writings on the Wall from the movie “007: Spectrum”, the latest film about James bond. This song, despite the fact that sounded everywhere, not liked very much — and the audience, and the experts recognized her as one of the worst in franchise history. But not the Academy. Getting the statuette with Jimmy Napcom, Smith, changed beyond recognition after dramatic weight loss, hardly constrained emotions. Of course, the musician burst into a fiery speech in defense of the rights of the LGBT movement and dedicated the award to them, at the same time telling the public about his homosexuality (if anyone didn’t know).

"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу
Sam Smith

Ö in addition to Sam Smith, spoke at the event and other artists. So, Abel Makkonen Born, whom the world knows under the pseudonym The Weeknd, sang one of the biggest hits of last year — the song Earned It from the bdsm blockbuster 50 shades of grey, which blasted the critics, but loved by millions of girls. Company young artist and boyfriend of Bella Hadid on stage consisted of tantsovschitsy in sexy outfits.

"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу
Speech By The Weeknd

With the topic of sex was associated and a performance by Lady Gaga, another nominate PM — alas, a completely different way: the artist released a song Til It Happens to You from the documentary “hunting Zone” which is about the terrible rape of women in student hostels. Along with Gaga on the scene were the heroine of the film, whose hands were painted with various slogans (“It’s not your fault” and so on). I wonder what was announced a performance by the singer Vice President of the United States Joe Biden, who was met with standing ovation.

"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу
Lady Gaga

"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу

Overall, the ceremony was good and touching, and funny. For the entertainment this time was answered by Chris Rock, who entertained the audience as they could (but still not as perky as Ellen DeGeneres in 2014, as decided by many viewers). He even brought along to the ceremony daughters who were selling cookies in the hall, collecting money for good causes — spirited girly, we raised 65 thousand dollars!

"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу
Daughter Chris Rock at the ceremony of “Oscar”

"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу

Naturally, African American Chris Rock joked about the racist scandal that arose after the Academy accused of absence among the nominees for black filmmakers. Initially, the conflict was growing by leaps and bounds and threatened to turn into a very ugly story (some stars have already called for boycotting the award), however, claims to supertalenten the Academy were so ridiculous that soon the incident was closed.

However, as activists #OscarsSoWhite would react to the parody videos of the nominated films in which blacks play actors, we can only guess. Interestingly, one of the initiators of the scandal, spike Lee, tonight was supposed to receive the statuette — the Director was awarded for his contribution to cinema, but he predictably did not attend the ceremony.

"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу
Chris Rock

And here are the nominees in key categories were in their places, and with bated breath waited for the announcement of the winners. “Women’s hand” held no surprises: expect the statuettes for best actress and best supporting actress got brie Larson and Alicia vikander, respectively. First – for her role in the drama “the Room”, and the second for the role in “Girl from Denmark”, in which Eddie Redmayne played a transsexual.

"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу
Brie Larson and Alicia vikander

"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу
Alicia Vikander

The best operator was a brilliant master of his craft and faithful ally iñárritu, Emmanuel Lubezki. Here this is not surprising: even those who don’t like “Survivor”, were struck with aerial camera work picture. Note that for Lubezki the current statue is the third.

However, despite the fact that the Academy noted the iñárritu film in several categories and personally present the Director himself, the best though was another picture — “In the spotlight”, dedicated to the journalistic investigation of cases of pedophilia within the Catholic priests. This film received the prize for best screenplay.

"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу
Alejandro González Iñárritu

Of course, the main intrigue of the evening was the announcement of the winner in the nomination “Best male role”. For this title fight Michael Fassbender, Bryan Cranston, Matt Damon, Eddie Redmayne and Leonardo DiCaprio. All bothered, of course, only one question: will Leo his first Oscar after so many failures? Yes, a truce was declared, to thunderous applause, the actor went on stage to collect the coveted statuette. We still can’t believe it!


"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу

Looks like Leo is also believed not at once: on the stage the actor rose with a straight face (though he was the whole evening, he kept his cool), and looked as if not happy to receive the coveted statuette. But the fans and many of the audience (among whom was the most passionate fan of the stars of the “dipper”) were jubilant.

"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу

Recall, DiCaprio was nominated for fifth to sixth actor at all (he could receive the award as a producer for the film “the Wolf of wall street” in 2014). In anticipation of the award Leo said no expects, and, it seems, was serious — after so many failures DiCaprio was clearly ready for anything. But fans and critics are not wrong: the role of the “Survivors” for which the actor ate the raw liver of Buffalo and was getting into so that I would hoarse, shouting “I Believe!”, is the role of the Academy liked it. Some, however, say that the prize was given rather Leo for years of service and not a brilliant actor — rivals in the nomination (e.g. Michael Fassbender) is in no way inferior to DiCaprio.

Anyway, looking at Leo with zvetnoi statuette in his hand — a pleasure. By the end of the evening actor, kotormu pretty tired of the hype and endless jokes about his confrontation with Oscar, relaxed and smiling from ear to ear, tightly holding the statuette. Almost more DiCaprio was happy his longtime friend and colleague Kate Winslet, which, like us, wanted to actor won the award.

"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу
Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet

"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу

"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу

"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу

So sad about: only our compatriot among the nominees this year, directed by Konstantin Bronzit with the film, “We can’t live without cosmos”, was not destiny: the victory in the nomination “Best animated film” went to the Chilean film “Bear story”. By the way, the record of this ceremony was the blockbuster “Mad Max: fury Road” – a film by George Miller has won six awards at once! However, they all, as they say, technical for makeup, hair styles, installation etc. And you agree with the results of the award?

"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу

"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу

"Оскар-2016": победители и шоу

The list of winners

Best film – “In the spotlight”

Best actor – Leonardo DiCaprio, “the Survivors” (it finally happened! – approx. SPLETNIK.RU)

Best actress – brie Larson, “Room”

Best supporting actor – mark raglans, “Spy bridge”

Best actress – Alicia vikander, “a Girl from Denmark”

Best Director – Alejandro gonzález iñárritu, “the Survivors”

Best adapted screenplay – “the fall”, Adam McKay

Best original screenplay – “In the spotlight”, John singer and Tom McCarthy

Best animated short film – “the Bear story”

Best animated feature film – “Puzzle”

Best song – Writings on the Wall (“007: Spectrum”), Sam Smith and Jimmy NAPs

Best music – “Disgusting eight”, Ennio Morricone

Best costume design – “Mad Max: fury Road”

Best production designer – “Mad Max: fury Road”

Best makeup and hair – “Mad Max: fury Road”

Best visual effects – “From the machine”

Best cinematography – Emmanuel Lubezki Survivor”

Best editing – “Mad Max: fury Road”

Best sound editing – “Mad Max: fury Road”

Best sound mixing – “Mad Max: fury Road”

Best documentary – “Amy”, Asif Kapadia

Losi’s short film – “the stutterer” (Ireland)

Best documentary short film – “Girl in the river: the Price of forgiveness” (Pakistan)

Award named Gina Herself for a contribution to humanity – Debbie Reynolds

Honorary award for contribution to cinema – spike Lee

Honorary award for contribution to cinema – Gina Rowlands

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