Olga Lomonosova admitted that her husband did not want to let her go to the shooting in Kiev

Ольга Ломоносова призналась, что муж не хотел отпускать её на съемки в Киев

Star of the TV series “Not born beautiful” Olga Lomonosova gave a Frank interview in which he spoke about his position regarding the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the annexation of Crimea, and also about how her family reacted to what she went on shooting the TV series “Citizen one” in Kiev, informs

It turns out that the husband of Lomonosova were very worried for her and feared as the Ukrainians would not hurt her, because Russians in Ukraine now is not very much.

However, all was well, and Olga is absolutely not worried about it.

She Lomonosov from Donetsk, so it is like no other, worried about his hometown.

Some of her relatives decided to stay in the city, but the brother of the actress went to Sochi, leaving all acquired assets.

Olga is very sad that all this happened, but she supports neither side of the conflict, believing that all because of politics and money.

As for the annexation of Crimea, the actress confidently declared that it makes no difference what country the Peninsula belongs.

In her opinion, it’s all nonsense and to draw attention to it she has no time nor desires.

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