Olga Kurylenko had a baby

Ольга Куриленко родила ребёнка

The American star of Ukrainian origin Olga Kurilenko at 35 years first became a mother, informs

It turns out that the firstborn was born in the last month, but it became known about it only now.

The child’s father was actor and journalist Max Benitz, which is 5 years younger than his lover.

Olga gave birth to a boy, named Max Alexander Horatio.

It should be noted that until recently no one knew that Kurylenko is expecting a child.

The star miraculously managed to hide his interesting position.

At the moment Olga and Max devote all his time to our newborn son.

It is interesting, that the couple have not commented on their new status.

Moreover, the pair prefers not to advertise their relationship.

It is still unknown, painted or not.

It is likely that secret way they have managed to formalize their relationship, but so far this is only speculation.

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