Olga Buzova got a makeover

Ольга Бузова сменила имидж
Ольга Бузова сменила имидж

TV presenter Olga Buzova, which has always been true to her blond hair, suddenly radically changed her image, informs

On his page in the social network she posted a selfie in which he appeared with brown hair.

Of course, unusual to see Olga with dark hair, but we must pay tribute that the new color really suits her.

Fans ambiguous reacted to the change of image Buzova.

Someone said it would be better if she stayed blonde, and someone, on the contrary, praised her for her spectacular new look.

Rumor has it that along with the new hair color Olga decided to completely change my life.

Do not cease talking about that TV presenter broke up with her husband Dmitry Tarasov, who allegedly found her replacement.

However, how true this is is unknown.

Neither Tarasov nor His official comment on this occasion is not given, but fans have already managed to draw attention to the fact that microblog teledive almost no new photos with her husband, and those pictures where she is alone, signed a very sad phrases like “Life goes on”, “things will get better” etc.

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