Not received the “Oscar” actors donated toilet paper for $277

Не получившим «Оскар» актерам подарили туалетную бумагу за $277 Among the consolation prizes were also – terrible to say – sex toys. Hmm, was this gift some subtext?

Cruel time – crisis. Once the nominees for the “Oscar”, flying past the statue, was received as a gift jewelry and expensive watches as consolation prizes. Two years ago, the loser was left without gifts and it was very sad. Therefore, in 2016 it was decided to return to the tradition of support for the morale of the nominees for the “Oscar”, but to reduce the scale. Needed a sponsor, Koror for the right to advertise under the sign of the most prestigious film will assume the costs of gifts. So the nominees for the film awards got a most unusual consolation prize in history.

Nominees received… TA-dam – VIP-sets for intimate hygiene from the company JOSEPH’S Toiletries, which included all sorts of napkins and a luxury toilet paper. All of a sudden, huh?

But anyway, what a nose to wrinkle in the crisis year. On the farm all amiss, especially if you have not received a statuette and increase fees in the coming year, you are not in danger.

This gift, incidentally, is not cheap. A set of wipes from this brand will cost about $20 (1500 rubles). And complete with tonics for skin care and a branded leather box will cost about $650 (about 50 thousand)! Note that the stars are given the opportunity to order a casket on a personal sketch. But the paper-that is the one, luxury is worth all of $277 per roll!

For a stellar ass (sorry, couldn’t resist) prepared air coils made from special ekoloko, developed by 60 scientists within five years! Manufacturers are proud of that Gwyneth Paltrow, known for the lover to surround themselves with all the environmentally friendly, even before Oscar made products in your wish list. Is this not a sign of quality?

But on the toilet paper did not end the surprises for the actors and Actresses. Or something alluding, whether he wanted to cheer up those who have not received the cherished statuette, the organizers put in a gift basket and even sex toys. Their manufacturers about it gleefully reported in the press releases.

Jackpot disrupted units: only two lucky persons whose names, alas, not spread abroad. Apparently, it was feared that less fortunate colleagues under the guise of the substitute basket. But spring will show, who of the nominees for the film awards will hold their vacation, travelling first class to Israel ($55 thousand) or going on a tour of Japan worth $45 thousand.

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