Nikita Presnyakov made a scandalous statement

Никита Пресняков сделал скандальное заявление

Son of Christina Orbakaite and Vladimir Presnyakov Nikita admitted that he hates his name, informs

As you know, the guy’s not only famous parents, but famous grandparents.

That’s why 24-year-old Presnyakov Jr. likes his name.

Everyone thinks that he is famous thanks to starry dynasties, but this is absolutely not true.

Nikita himself is a very talented and charismatic guy.

He has repeatedly acted in films, and he has his own rock band.

Grandmother of Nikita Alla Pugacheva admitted that trying to reason with her grandson, that he was not yelling at every step “I hate my name”.

“Nikita says: I hate my last name! From the stage… I said to him: if you weren’t a fool, they will not understand what you mean actually!

Presses on you reputation talented parents, and I managed to make some people famous. But to quote will be “I hate the surname”,- said the prima Donna.

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