Nicole Kidman shares rare picture of her daughter Sunday rose

Николь Кидман делится редким снимком своей дочери Сандей Роуз

Николь Кидман делится редким снимком своей дочери Сандей Роуз

Nicole Kidman went on a “Sunday stroll” with his eleven year old daughter! The star of “Big little lies” was incredibly happy to enjoy, and combines a quiet stroll in a quiet Park.

In addition to screaming to Keith urban here and there, 52-year-old Nicole Kidman keeps her family life relatively private, its tape in Instagram is not full of events from his personal life. It was therefore a pleasant surprise that on November 24 the star of “Big little lies” shared a photo of his older daughter from Keith, Sunday rose, 11 years! Given day of the week and the name of the daughter, Nicole could not resist some cute word games. “Sunday walk with the resurrection,” wrote Nicole under the photograph of the actress and her daughter walking in autumn day in a green Park. Nicole’s outfit was rather modest, was on her usual black turtleneck and jeans, and her daughter rose jumped on grassy hills in the beautiful purple dress. They both looked amazing that this photo could easily pass for a frame of some Hollywood movie.

Николь Кидман делится редким снимком своей дочери Сандей Роуз
This photo very much followers Nicole, they immediately gave him his response in the form of likes and very lovely comments! Nicole and pious mother and wife recently, she supported her husband Keith at the awards ceremony, Country Music Association Awards in Nashville, Tennessee on November 13. It was a big night for Keith, who performed his new single, “We Were” and was nominated for the prestigious award show, “artist of the year”.
Nicole also has another daughter from her beloved faith, 8 years old. Though the actress mainly hides rose and faith from the press and Instagram, their photos still leak periodically in different editions. The actress even got Sunday and faith at the July trip to Paris, where Sunday rose was 11 years old! Nicole has shared a photo of the sisters, staring with huge clock Musée d’orsay, by signing this post: “happy birthday, my dear Sunday rose”. In March Nicole was even invited Sunday and faith on the set of his new mini-series HBO “Cancel”.

Although Nicole is very close with her two younger children, her relationship with adopted children, Isabella, 26 years old, and Connor, 24 years old, have been strained for several years after leaving the Church of Scientology, a decision it announced in 1997. She broke up with foster father of Bella and Connor, Tom cruise, in 2001. “Isabella and Connor decided to become Scientologists. Our job as a parent is to always offer unconditional love,” said Nicole one in an interview published on September 21. “We are not talking about anything else except: “I’m here to love and support you””. However, Nicole was able to establish a relationship with Isabella, whose new clothing line, BKC (Bella Cruise Kidman) honors the maiden name of her mother.

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