New twist: Pugacheva was again sued Kudikova

Новый поворот: Пугачева снова подала в суд на Кудикову This is not the first lawsuit that the singer initiates against a former student.

Relationship of Alla Pugacheva and her friends and her students – “fabrikantki” Iron Kudikova lately more like Mexican passion.

It seemed that the scandal between them exhausted, even when the Diva left the music school, which was opened together with Iron, and after she sued for 25 million rubles.

But no, recently it became known that lawyers Divas February 24, filed another lawsuit. This time in relation to the management company of the school of young talents Future Star. For anybody not a secret that its Director is Iron Kudikova (real name of the singer Irina Nusinova. — Approx. Woman’s Day).

The claim was submitted to arbitration on February 24. Production is not yet adopted. And the subject matter and cause of action at the moment were not disclosed… But the staff of the school are convinced that in this way the prima Donna only wants to get their money back.

We will remind, in September of last year Alla Borisovna sued Kulikovoj 25 million. The decision to pay this amount was made in the Meshchansky court of the capital. And the reason was the fact that Iran had borrowed from Alla Borisovny 7 million roubles and 200 thousand dollars under the contract an interest-free loan.

She took funds for the development of the project, but without any result, according to representatives of the singer, not shown. And within the period prescribed in the contract, the money is not returned. Diva long suffered, but eventually went to court… eventually the lawyers took into account inflation, and, possibly, damages.

Only here the money, according to rumors, “fabrikantki” return not in a hurry. Yes and where is she to get such a sum? Moreover, her husband at that time took place a defendant on another case and started to run…

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