New madness: Shia LaBeouf is a day spent in the Elevator

Новое безумие: Шайа Лабаф сутки провел в лифтеThe actor gave another performance. To the delight of your friends and fans.

Think fantasy Labate enough for all people on Earth. He looks at his movies non-stop, he walks with a bag over his head, and now I was locked in the Elevator for a day. The benefit of the company, he was in friends-the artists of Nastia Rencke and Luke Turner.

Art project Shaya Labaf titled #Elevate (“lift”) was broadcast on the network online. However, the actor and his friends in the video you will see only when the lift doors open, since the camera installed outside.

But the sound in the movie is excellent: you can hear conversations Labate with friends and those who came in the Elevator. And talk, by the way, were very serious. 24 hours they discussed politics, history, art, literature, film, and even gender inequality. In addition, the actor took selfies with his fans (of course, they immediately found the address of the house where their idol!) and signed autographs.

Why Labash needed to close in a lift, only he knows. Although after pink leggings that he wore on a dare (see photos here), we have no surprise. The main thing that the actor is healthy and feels good. In the summer, he was hospitalized with head injuries. In the film “American honey” master outrageous as a result of unsuccessful attempts to break the head with a glass received multiple cuts of the head and the index finger of the right hand. He had over 20 stitches and 13 brackets.

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