Natalia Sumska will play in the new series

Наталья Сумская сыграет в новом сериале

Currently the TV company “Sisters Production” is filming a small series “Catherine” on the work of the greatest poet and writer Taras Shevchenko, informs

The plot is taken the famous poem “Kateryna”, adapted to the present life.

The events unfolding in the village Shuliaky in Cherkasy region.

There lives a family of teachers who have a daughter Catherine.

Once in Shuliaky comes from the city crew.

Katherine immediately falls in love with a young actor Alexey Krasilnikova.

Love changes the whole life of the heroine.

Over this story is the way in the same work, or the filmmakers will come up with something different – yet all mystery.

The main roles in the mini-series got famous actress Natalia Sumy and her husband Anatoly Hostikoev.

In the picture will be removed Valeria Khodos, mark Drobot, Daria of Tregubova and others.

When a 4-episode series will be released is unknown.

Can only wait for the broadcast which will be shown on the channel “1+1”.

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