Natalia Oreiro abandoned his lover and returned to her husband

Наталия Орейро бросила любовника и вернулась к мужу The actress has an affair on the side, but time changed his mind.

For six months in the family of the star of the series “Wild angel” serious passions boil. First, the 38-year-old Natalia Oreiro has come to all the events in the proud odinochestve without a spouse Ricardo Mollo, the Argentine and then the paparazzi caught her on a date with another man!

We will remind that Natalia Oreiro and her husband, the leader of the rock band Divididos Ricardo Mollo met back in 2001. In 2002 we got married.

For ten years the couple tried to have a baby, and here on January 26, 2012 in one of clinics of Buenos Aires, the actress gave birth to a boy Merlin Atahualpa. Happiness of the spouses was not the limit.

In all his interviews Oreiro idolized her husband, but last year, when the actress started acting in the TV series “Among the cannibals”, it increasingly began to see in the company of another male partner on the film 37-year-old Benjamín Vicuña. In the TV series Natalia and Benjamin played lovers and, probably, overworked.

Even the crew remarked that their relationship is far from friendly. At a party in honor of the completion of filming, the pair has organized these erotic dances. Soon Vicuña said that does not live with his wife and is even thinking about divorce, and in the middle of October, Oreiro moved out from her husband!

Paparazzi and catch the actors for a joint dinner. Fans are already resigned to ambulance news about the divorce of their favorite actress, when Natalia came back into the family.

Photographers took Oreiro with her husband at a party in honor of their son. Of course, we can assume that the pair retains the appearance of a family for the child. But after the celebrations the couple left the restaurant holding hands, and together took a cab to his home.

In a recent interview the star admitted that her marriage was a terrible crisis. The spark that was in the beginning of the relationship of the spouses is missing. But, by the way, the fact of infidelity, the actress has not confirmed. However, fans have no doubt that an affair has Oreiro was, and apparently having that same spark, Natalia realized that she might lose, and returned to her husband.

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