Natalia Medvedev was mixed up with the Queen

Наталию Медведеву перепутали с КоролевойBut star Comedy Woman was not upset. According to Natalia, it is often mistaken for the wife of Tarzan.

Natalia Medvedev – member of the stand-up, actress… Madonna – singer, wife of Tarzan and mother of Archippus… Seems they have nothing in common. Well, except for names, of course. No you can’t.

In the eyes of the fans it appeared that the girls are one. Recently Natalia Medvedev admitted that her time confused with the singer and asked for an autograph, thinking that she is the Queen.

“Always was like Natasha Queen, constantly approached and asked, not whether I belong to her cousin. So I feel like I’d learned my whole life,” said the actress to journalists Woman’s Day Medvedev.

What did you think about the Queen, is unknown. But when he does, he’ll probably just laugh. Just like in life, the Natasha is witnessing many incidents to which she always relates with humor. To remember only, how many times it parodied on the screens…

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Meanwhile the Queen also gets from fans who love to compare the advantages of celebrity. Not so long ago during the closing ceremony of the contest “New wave” in Sochi, the singer said that she looks like (not believe!) on Kim Kardashian!

Lace dress, chosen by Natasha on occasion, really effectively stressed all the advantages of the Busty singer. Here journalists and asked: do not imitate if you’re Kim Kardashian? To which the singer responded with humor:

“Not at all. No similarity. I thought I didn’t like this… “kardashian,” smiled the Queen (read here).

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