Nastya Kamenskih has carried out his dream

Настя Каменских осуществила свою давнюю мечту

Popular singer Nastya Kamensky continues to impress with their sporting achievements, informs

It turned out that Nastya wanted to take part in the race in America, and, finally, her dream came true – she ran the whole distance in a marathon in new York.

On his page in the social network she posted several photos of the marathon, as well as videos taken during the race.

“And then we arrived in new York. My dream came true! I traded the extra 2 hours of sleep to participate in the race. Thought I could sleep again, and to conquer such a Sports city, it is not known when…”,- said Nastya Kamensky.

Fans appreciated achievements in sports, the singer, wrote a lot of nice compliments.

“Genius!”, “Keep up the spirit!”, “You’re a big good”, “Inspire to sport,” praised Nastia Kamenskih her devoted fans.

As you know, she is very heavily involved in sports, and even during the tour, don’t forget to visit the gym.

Настя Каменских осуществила свою давнюю мечту

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