Meghan Markle shows a new hairdo, after taking a pause with Royal Prince Harry

Меган Маркл показывает новую прическу, после взятия королевской паузы с принцем Гарри

Меган Маркл показывает новую прическу, после взятия королевской паузы с принцем Гарри

Meghan Markle looked incredible when she appeared in public with longer hair in London with Prince Harry on 7 January after a two-month Royal vacation in Canada!

Almost two months passed since then, as we saw Meghan Markle, 38 years old, and Prince Harry, 35 years. And all because the Duke and Duchess of Sussexsee made Royal two-month break in Canada again to be the center of attention. Six weeks Megan is officially back and better than ever when she appeared in front of their fans with a new, more long hair, speaking in London on 6 January, to thank the high Commissioner of Canada Janice Charette. Her curls ended below her shoulders, while the last time we saw her, they ended near her collarbone.

Megan looked stunning for her first Royal outing after a break, she charmed the audience with his black hair and gave her a charming smile. Not only that, her hair is much longer, it completely got rid of their light brown highlights, and now officially wears dark black hair. As for her clothes, she looked stylish and fully comply with Royal fashion. She wore a dark brown satin MIDI skirt from Vince with a lighter brown turtleneck sweater worn on top. Also she was wearing her coat, a light sand color, and on his feet wore a pair of brown velvet shoes with pointed toe.
We like to see the stylish outfits and hairstyles Megan, and we definitely can see that she definitely loves to style their hair a beach wave. Her hair keep the curl, and we love the way she curls curls, leaving the ends straight.
Now that Megan is officially back in the spotlight, we can’t wait to see all of her exciting new outfits and hairstyles!

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