Masha Rasputina threw a fit in the program “the invisible Man”

Маша Распутина закатила скандал в программе «Человек-невидимка»

A woman with a sharp temper Masha Rasputin on the show “the invisible Man” let everybody know who the real star, informs

Everyone knows that Rasputin is his words will not climb, but it had dared to invite on the show “the invisible Man”, which is the leading Evelina Bledans.

No sooner had the sky light up in front of the camera, as if she didn’t like the way it looks.

All anything, but she demanded to stop shooting.

While operators do not set the lighting, what she believed to be right, until then she did not continue the conversation.

Usually all participants of the show willing to give the experts a piece of nail, hair or bite off the Apple.

Rasputin with grief in half completed all three things, but she was always looking for a secret plot against himself.

Although all her kindly and indulgently treated.

In the end she just would not mate sent experts, who worked with her.

All the crew was shocked by such behavior the Rasputina.

At the end of the program was taken to be photographed with the participants, but with Masha, no one wanted to be photographed.

Only one teller agreed to do with her picture.

No one was expecting such aggression from the singer.

Many wondered why she came to the program.

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