Maria Kozhevnikova decided to abandon cosmetics

Мария Кожевникова решила отказаться от косметики

Famous actress Maria Kozhevnikova only on the screens Shine with bright makeup, informs

In life it almost never uses cosmetics.

On his page in the social network she often publishes photos in which shows your natural beauty.

Kozhevnikova has long ceased to experiment with his looks, and especially to act in a candid photoshoot.

In addition, Mary hardly appeared in films, as much does not regret.

Enjoy acting Kozhevnikova fans can, perhaps, only in the film “the Battalion”.

The actress has decided to devote herself to her children and husband.

Moreover, she wanted to completely abandon cosmetics.

However, her friends do not support this idea.

“In recent years, increasingly refuse makeup. One colleague said that without make-up to go improper.

Since when did natural become indecent? Apparently, I missed something”,- Kozhevnikov wrote on his page in the social network.

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