Lyubov Uspenskaya was in a wheelchair

Lyubov Uspenskaya lead a healthy lifestyle – she plays sports and tries to stick to the basics of healthy eating. Because many of her fans are surprised by the fact that the performer was in a wheelchair. Video of Love rides in a chair through the airport, the network put it personally. Fans immediately began to wonder, what is the reason that the assumption will not move on their own two: alcohol, trauma or PR?

By the way, accompanied by a live singer left the following comment: “the Mood is gorgeous, despite the early morning, you want to have fun”. But fans love was not amused and they peppered their favorite questions about her health status: “Why in a wheelchair, Lyuba?”.

Others saw that the assumption was just slightly drunk: “drunk Fucking”, “Star under shofe, feet do not keep”, – sarcastically noticed by others.

Whatever it was, apparently, the assumption health is not threatened in the near future we will see this.

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