Light head: Channing Tatum became a blond

Светлая голова: Ченнинг Татум стал блондином

Channing Tatum

First day of winter adjusts to the changes – after Kylie Jenner, reincarnated from burning brunettes in mermaid, her new hairstyle to fans demonstrated and Channing Tatum. The actor has changed his hair color and took an honorable place in the ranks of the sexiest blondes.

Changes in appearance, the actor boasted to fans, making selfies and posting it in your profile in Instagram with the comment:

With love from Peru.

Changed if the actor’s hair color especially for a new role or did it solely out of personal motivation is still unknown. However – what’s the difference? What would Channing do not teshilos just not stopped flickering in the Chronicles, delighting fans! Agree? Or dark “magic Mike” you really liked?

Светлая голова: Ченнинг Татум стал блондином
Photo from Instagram Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum: brunette VS blonde

Being a brunette, Channing looked masculine
I prefer blondes, so I approve the new hair color of the actor
Even though my head shave! What’s the difference? Channing everything all right will not spoil!
Looking forward to seeing him in the red color!
The man and the hair-dye – for me incompatible concepts

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