Lesya Kafelnikov broke up with the son of Arkady Novikov

Леся Кафельникова рассталась с сыном Аркадия Новикова Heart 17-year-old model again freely.

About their romance, it seems, not only spoke lazy… 17-year-old daughter of Yevgeny Kafelnikov and 19-year-old son of the restaurant syndicate Arkady Novikov met almost a year and a half!

The happy couple didn’t hide their feelings – young people posted romantic photos and cute love confessions…

But such a beautiful tale came to an end! Eugene and Nikita broke up. For unclear reasons. But, like, peacefully. However, Lesya immediately removed joint photo of your microblog in Instagram. Now her page is full of only bright selfie, model photoshoots and photos from trips.

But it all started so well!

“I am the most happy, because today is the day. when we met him. And we started talking 24/7. Don’t know who to thank. God? Fate? Hardly friends. We never asked what to do in situations when we argue, would hit the street! This is probably one of the qualities that I love about Nikita. He never retracts in his and our problems. Very happy to have met him. No it will not give!”, – wrote the girl about his feelings.

Fans of the rising star just breaking from touching the smiles, and Les only fueled interest. At some point the media even started talking about the wedding. According to rumors, she even chose a wedding dress, but… it never happened.

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