Less than 4 years old: “ProjectorParisHilton” is back!

Не прошло и 4-х лет: «ПрожекторПерисХилтон» возвращается! Four years after the program is closed, Garik Martirosyan, Sergey Svetlakov, Ivan Urgant and Alexander Tsekalo will gather again at the table.

This humorous program appeared on channel one in 2008 and immediately won the hearts of the majority of the audience. For four years, Garik Martirosyan, Ivan Urgant, Sergey Svetlakov, Alexander Tsekalo and on Friday discussed the current issues of the week, was commenting on newspaper articles and quotes by famous personalities. There were all our and foreign stars who came to the capital with a particular premiere, and video with their musical sketches still popular on the network.

And suddenly in 2012 as a bolt from the blue the news of the closure of the program. The reason is the stringent obligations of the two leading. Sergey Svetlakov and Garik Martirosyan has signed contracts with NTT under which they could not work on other channels. And the General Director “the First channel” Konstantin Ernst had not seen the show with another leading part. Since then, the famous four began to meet only after working hours.

And now, after four years “Spotlight” is reborn. Really not in the TV format, and on the stage of the Theatre. Pushkin in Moscow on international women’s day on 8 March.

– Fans of “Spotlight” already resigned to the fact that the project sank into oblivion. And then posters on March 8. How did the idea to revive the show?

Не прошло и 4-х лет: «ПрожекторПерисХилтон» возвращается!

We decided to overcome all insurmountable circumstances and to come to direct contact with the audience. To gather, because it is already impossible to tolerate.

Не прошло и 4-х лет: «ПрожекторПерисХилтон» возвращается!

The floodlight was previously in a concert version. Did four concerts a year, not more. And only in those cities that can be reached by train, as Garik doesn’t fly. It was Peter, Kiev, Odessa, Yekaterinburg, Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn. In Moscow the concert will be held for the first time.

Не прошло и 4-х лет: «ПрожекторПерисХилтон» возвращается!

Since in 2012 we went on working circumstances, to meet oen. Our schedules, unfortunately, do not intersect. Hoped that through our concerts we will be able to see each other more.

– On TV it will not show?

Не прошло и 4-х лет: «ПрожекторПерисХилтон» возвращается!

No, this is a unique thing. The only concert. I believe that the energy we work out during it, you will break all the barriers, and we will have a chance to return to the TV screen.

Не прошло и 4-х лет: «ПрожекторПерисХилтон» возвращается!

The concert is created rather for the soul and keep in shape. All the money earned from ticket sales money will be transferred to charity in one of the funds. In television format “CSR” may revive in the fall.

– The format will be familiar: the four of you at the table discussing the news?

Не прошло и 4-х лет: «ПрожекторПерисХилтон» возвращается!

Yes, the format is the same, but there will be surprises.

Не прошло и 4-х лет: «ПрожекторПерисХилтон» возвращается!

This will be prepared improvisation. Sasha Tsekalo prepares several ballet numbers, Sergei – pantomime, Garik practicing the harp, I’m going to train marine rodents.

Не прошло и 4-х лет: «ПрожекторПерисХилтон» возвращается!

While rehearsing mainly music. Closer to March 8 news will provide food for thought and improvisation.

– All four of you – are busy people. As decided on the date? What made you March 8 to leave the family home, wives and daughters and go to work?

Не прошло и 4-х лет: «ПрожекторПерисХилтон» возвращается!

A huge number of our relatives will be already a good half of the hall. We invite a huge number of our friends will be glad to see you. So part of it will be homemade gatherings.

– How often do you all manage to meet up or maybe friends with someone separately?

Не прошло и 4-х лет: «ПрожекторПерисХилтон» возвращается!

Can’t say I’m terribly close with Svetlakova, but about Tsekalo and Martirosyan do not want to hear. The friendship shared between us evenly. But, I admit, we all communicate, but the three of us are jealous of Sasha. Secretly. And don’t ask why. It does not require explanation.

Не прошло и 4-х лет: «ПрожекторПерисХилтон» возвращается!

Hard, but we sometimes get together. The New year is a tradition to meet at our house in the magical gazebo.

Не прошло и 4-х лет: «ПрожекторПерисХилтон» возвращается!

Absolutely everyone has a lot of different things and we take turns to visit each other at work. Last time was about Sasha Tsekalo in vahtershi at the zoo. Tomorrow meeting with Garik on the market.

– Do you plan in the future performances “Spotlight”?

Не прошло и 4-х лет: «ПрожекторПерисХилтон» возвращается!

The concerts will. After 8 March in Moscow, the nearest in St. Petersburg in autumn. Discussed in Jurmala concert in the summer.

Of course, we want to meet again and again. But always hope that it will be the TV format.

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