Leonid Agutin has released a new solo album

Леонид Агутин выпустил новый сольный альбом

Famous Russian singer Angelika Varum is not often pleases its fans with messages in social networks, informs

However, in connection with the 18th anniversary of their marriage with Leonid Agutin, the artist decided to write to the fans.

Angelica said that in all that time their family has become stronger and cohesive.

In addition, the singer told that her husband Leonid Agutin recorded and released a new solo album called “Just important”.

Woman advice always listen to it.

Also in the social network Angelika Varum have posted a text in which she writes about what she cares about.

“All those who are constantly interested in creativity Agutin – listen to the song from the album “Just important” under the name “black Bird”.

Don’t know what I was so much in her meshes, but cry every time listening to her…,” wrote Varum.

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