Lazarev: “because of the preparation for “Eurovision” lifted off”

 Лазарев: «Из-за подготовки к «Евровидению» отменил выходные»Krasnoyarsk became one of the first cities in the great concert tour of the singer, who in may will represent Russia at “Eurovision in 2016”.

The concert was held in the Great hall of the regional Philharmonic. Before the trip, the singer in social networks has represented his international team, which works together with him on the song and the staging for Eurovision. Composers songs of Kontopoulos Dimitris from Greece and Philip. On the production number is Greek Director Fokas Evangelinos, who helped on “the Eurovision” Dima Bilan, the Tolmachev sisters, Ani Lorak and Dmitry Koldun, etc. In Stockholm together with Lazarev on stage will be backup singers and dancers from Sweden…

About the song and the artist yet says nothing. But very soon we will hear. The presentation of the song and video will take place on TV channel “Russia-1” in the program “Vesti on Saturday” at 20.00.

After the speech in Krasnoyarsk, Woman’s Day spoke with Sergey Lazarev.

“Until may 16, I never had a single day off”

You already listened the songs of other participants of “Eurovision”?

 Лазарев: «Из-за подготовки к «Евровидению» отменил выходные»

I gave myself such a setup is nothing to look at. Not all participants understood, in countries are the semi-finals of the national selections. Think I’ll listen to all of this in may, when we will go to rehearsals and runs. Especially one thing the songs recorded in the Studio, and the other as people will be able to perform live what will be the performances. So now I try not to focus on this.

To himself not to cheat?

 Лазарев: «Из-за подготовки к «Евровидению» отменил выходные»

Well not to cheat… Yet distracted – on your room we are preparing for “Eurovision”, and on a concert tour, I have a very busy schedule.

This year I will be 33 years old, no longer a boy
Due to the large touring and the preparation for “Eurovision” working in the theatre has gone by the wayside?

 Лазарев: «Из-за подготовки к «Евровидению» отменил выходные»

No, continue to play in performances. I confess that until may 16, I don’t have a single weekend! And I know that surprises such as unexpected rest will not be. On the one hand it is, of course, gleefully, because at the present time, such employment and such demand is a great success, and I very long went. Now, therefore, in no case do not complain. The main thing – to do everything and to have enough health, because much exhausting flights and jetlag. The body operates on Moscow time, and sometimes it’s very difficult to readjust. And again this year I will be 33 years old, no longer a boy.

Well is it an age?

 Лазарев: «Из-за подготовки к «Евровидению» отменил выходные»

You know, somehow already feel what I could afford in 20-25 years, is now given much more difficult. I’m just really move a lot on stage during his show.

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