Larisa Udovichenko — biography, photos

Лариса Удовиченко — биография, фотографии

29.04.1955 in Vienna in the family of a military doctor, was born a girl, became one of the best Actresses of the twentieth century, Larisa Udovichenko.

In childhood the main Hobbies she had gymnastics (I guess this played a big in shaping the graceful figures) and the theatre.

The last win.

After the first debut in a movie (“Happy Kukushkin”), the girl was invited to star in many films. And so, after playing a role “Manka Bonds,” she became famous. All Soviet men were delighted with the beauty and charm of the actress. It was then that she met her future husband, Gennady Bulgarian pianist, who later became a businessman, and after a gamer. They had a daughter – Maria. They lived together for 20 years and broke up over the husband’s addiction to gambling.

The beauty of the actress contributed to the spread of gossip about her relationships with famous personalities such as Igor Kostolevsky, S. Yeremenko, N. Dzhigurda. Actually novels were only in front of the camera.

Udovichenko likes elegant, expensive clothes, dashing riding and passive recreation on the sea and hates sweet things.

Now the actress has twice tweaked the face and at his age looks beautiful.

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