Kim Kardashian is not going to pay the bills husband

Ким Кардашьян не намерена платить по счетам мужа After the release of his new collection Kanye West was on the rocks. And requests a loan from Mark Zuckerberg.

Private jets, mansions, diamonds – it seems that the star couple in what does not deny.

And the way it is! One “but”: it turned out the money Kanye spends does not, and the Bank. And already owed more than $ 53 million.

The last straw was a demonstration of the new Yeezy collection, which the rapper presented the other day in new York… of Money it was invested Nemer! But whether a profit is the big question. As it turned out, things criticized not only Ksenia Sobchak, calling them a bad copy of Dior, but the fashion critics.

In desperation, Kanye put out a call for help in Instagram. And who, I think, asked for the money? The founder of social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg…

“Mark Zuckerberg, please invest a billion dollars in projects for Kanye West, realizing that he is the greatest artist alive and the greatest entertainer of all time,” wrote the rapper on 14 February. The post received 27 thousand retweets.

Zuckerberg, however, left the post without any reaction. Then Kanye persistently asked him again. “Mark Zuckerberg, I know that today is your birthday, but could you call me tomorrow? — asked Kanye. And after a few minutes, added: mark, I am publicly asking for help”. By the way, the birthday of mark Zuckerberg noted on may 14.

Another question, why is Kanye not asked for help from the wife. And if anyone has a extra 53 million dollars from her. After all for anybody not a secret that Kim is much richer husband: in 2015, she finished in 33rd-place in the list of 100 highest paid celebrities according to Forbes magazine.

While Kanye was not in Forbes in sight… But it turned out that Kim is strictly against to invest their money.

“They have separate accounts. Everyone has their millions, money. They have a clear division on this bill,” said a friend of teledive American People magazine.

And Yes, as you know, the women of the family Kardashian does not like men with financial problems. But only a successful marriage.

So, it seems that if Kanye didn’t fix the problems soon, and the famous wife may lose…

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