Keira Knightley to play Catherine II

Кира Найтли может сыграть Екатерину II The role of the Russian Empress, she was offered to Barbra Streisand.

It turns out that the actress and Director Barbara Streisand, intrigued by the history of Russia, decided to make a film about the relationship of Catherine II and Peter III. And the role of the protagonist invited actress keira Knightley. That, in turn, decided to postpone the answer to think.

“It’s the corsets again. Only I thought I got out of them, as I once again return to their bondage” commented Mr. Knightley proposal Streisand.

Kira fans hope it will be for this role. Yes and corsets she looks good. Just remember its heroines in “the Duchess”, “King Arthur” and “Pride and prejudice”. Also close to the actress and Russian characters. She played Anna Karenina in the eponymous tape, Lara in “Doctor Zhivago”, Russian patient of Dr. Freud in “a Dangerous method”.

In addition, there is every chance that a picture of Catherine II with keira Knightley can wait for global success. Recently it has become clear that in Europe began to be interested in Russian culture and history. After the premiere of the film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s “War and peace” on the BBC, the British began to buy up copies of books.

By the way, the Barbara Streisand promises that the film’s plot is about Russian Empress will be interesting to all. She will try to cover all aspects of the life of Catherine II: she, being the Princess of Zerbst, at the age of 16 years old came to Russia to marry Peter III, and soon found himself on the Russian throne.

This will be the fourth directorial project in the career of Streisand. On her list already appear picture “Yentl”, “the Prince of tides” and “the mirror Has two faces”.

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