Kardashian believes her husband’s crazy and sends to be treated

Кардашьян считает мужа психом и отправляет лечиться The reality TV star advised the beloved to run to a therapist.

Remember how Kanye West recently pleaded Zuckerberg to invest a billion dollars into the project? Calling themselves “the greatest entertainer of all time”…

It rezanulo hearing not only fans, but also his better half. Even Kim with her many antics that turned out to be too.

To have a husband who has exposed himself to public ridicule, it appears, does not intend, and Kanye advised as soon as possible to go to a therapist.

“Kim is very worried and upset. With Kanye there are problems that become more intractable. Kim insists that he went to a therapist,” he blurted out, friends of the couple to the American edition of US Weekly.

While the West has their own truth… Supposedly it is bad that no one notices his greatness. Not only that, the President of the United States to choose not in a hurry (and, as you remember, wanted to live in the White house!), so also know as “husband Kardashian”.

In the end, the guy seems to really have hit the roof… During a private fashion show, for which he rented the whole stadium, the rapper in front of his wife and her family said he was willing to have sex with Taylor swift, musical success which did not let him rest.

Another time he shouted that “he is Kanye West and his wife – “fucking Kim Kardashian”.

Still in doubt? Then you can look at Twitter West.

“If I’m not on the show next year, so there will be show”, “All who have taste, know that this is the best video of the year”, “the World needs a guy like me who is not afraid to speak the truth”, “I’m Not gonna lie. I so much love myself right at this moment,” he writes almost every day.

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