Justin Bieber spoke about the difficult relationship with his mother and father

Justin Bieber hardly be called a “sissy”. In 2011 released film “never say never”, which shows in detail the existing relationship with the canadian singer the woman who gave him life. In an interview with Billboard, Justin said that in the past two years, his relationship with Patti Mallett “no”.

“All these years we are living at a distance. I was away because I was ashamed. I never wanted mom was disappointed with me, and I know she was. Some time we did not even talk to each other. We had time to renew trust. She lives in Hawaii, so we rarely see each other, but she was a wonderful woman and I love her” — said the singer.
Pattie gave birth to Justin at the age of seventeen, and despite her young age was quite the responsible mother. Thanks to her Justin much time was devoted to music. Mallet drove his son to all the talent. It was during one of these noticed his agent Scooter Braun. However, the mother was engaged not only music, but also the spiritual education of his son.
“When I was seven years old, before going to sleep I only listened to the preaching of the pastor Judy Smith. In older age, when I was quite famous, she led the pastors to me strings, and many of them were quite strange. I wasn’t delighted by this, and we often quarreled with my mother,” said Justin. However, with Juda Smith Bieber still maintains friendly relations. Spiritual mentor still watching his fate and occasionally sends letters with quotes from the Bible.
Another man who stays with a singer from the early days of his career – Manager brown.
“I know that people often say that the popularity of Justin is my merit. I’ll be honest. I lost sight of him for a year and a half. He closed in himself and was not in the place where was supposed to be. Every day I tried to help him every day and failed. But I did not despair, and he did. Justin deserves the highest praise,” said brown about the many scandalous events of 2013-2014, which had a good career and tainted the image of Bieber.
Dear father of Justin and Jeremy at least has another family, with your son never interrupted. The boy’s mother they broke up in 1994, when the future singer was only a few months old. It is clear that parents are too young (Jeremy was barely 18) are unable to build a normal family.
“He is not ready for the family, was too young. When I was a year old, he went to Colombia. Remember his return in time for father’s Day. He was not the best dad in the world, but since then he’s been present in my life. We saw him on weekends and Wednesdays,” said Justin. Like his son, father of the singer has become more wise with age. One day he called him and said, “Pride is our enemy. It prevents a person become truly great and meaningful, pulls him to the bottom”.

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