Justin Bieber new 28-year-old stepmother

У Джастина Бибера новая 28-летняя мачехаHis father, 41-year-old Jeremy Bieber, announced to the press about the engagement.

Almost immediately after the ceremony a BRIT Award, when his son Bieber Jr. was named “Best international singer”. Coincidence or the desire to draw attention to themselves? I hope that is still the first option.

By the way, the offer hands and hearts father of the pop singer have done very nicely. The man drove his beloved Chelsea Retreated to the island of St. Barts and during the walk he got down on one knee, held out the treasured ring. The girl was pleasantly shocked and said to Jeremy “Yes”!

Friends of the couple were filming this happy occasion on camera, and then posted the video on the network.

The exact wedding date is Jeremy Bieber and his 28-year-old girlfriend, journalists reported. But there is no doubt that it will be out very soon and probably Justin will have to make in his plan to marriage of his father.

By the way, now the media many of the jokes about a small difference in the age of Justin and his new stepmother. The singer’s beloved younger than his father by only seven years. However, this is the explanation. Bieber is the youngest early baby. When he was born, his father was only 20 years old, and the mother 18. A few months later after the baby is born they broke up, but for the sake of the son retained a friendly relationship. So Justin, living with her mother, always kept in touch with dad and his half-brothers.

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