Julia Kovalchuk naively believe in omens

Юлия Ковальчук наивно верит в приметы

Ex-participant of group “Brilliant” Yulia Kovalchuk shared that believes in the miracle and in different national signs, informs

According to the singer, following the signs, you can find happiness.

In a recent interview Yulia said one take, which always holds.

If she goes under the bridge where the train goes, she always knocks the wallet on the head.

As you know, this sign of money.

Kovalchuk admitted that this sign she always works.

There is a sign of what to wear before marriage wedding dress because will never marry.

Julia is confident that this is utter nonsense.

She also noted that adolescence wore wedding outfits for photo shoots and this did not prevent her to marry well.

Yulia Kovalchuk since 2014 is the wife of famous singer Alexey Chumakov.

The couple repeatedly admitted that they are completely happy in marriage, and no problems will ruin their relationship.

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