Jasmine — biography, photos

Жасмин — биография, фотографии

Jasmine is a woman from the East. With his Eastern upbringing wise and feminine, the singer conquered the hearts of many listeners. After each performance her in large numbers presented with flowers, so that the whole dressing room, literally immersed in them.

Жасмин — биография, фотографии

On stage she got thanks to her husband who sponsored her speech.

Жасмин — биография, фотографии

Some time later, their marriage fell apart, and Jasmine was left alone with his son. The world have spread gossip that her husband was beaten a charming singer. And it was true. In his book, Jasmine describes how she was assaulted by her husband. At first there was little money and he and his son lived in rented apartments. At the same time to communicate with your ex-husband the singer has not stopped. Because they had a child together, the father is constantly seen with her son, so the child was not deprived of attention.

Later, after the release of new hits, life Jasmine went in the right direction: tours, concerts, videos. Personal life too will get better. In 2011, Jasmine married businessman from Moldova. Despite the fact that the rhythm of life the singer has slowed, she remains loved and respected on stage.

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