Ivan Dorn got a beard

Иван Дорн обзавелся бородой

Today is a very popular beard among young men, informs

Almost all, even those to whom it is not very suitable, beards in order to conform to fashion.

That Ivan Dorn has a beard, what really surprised his fans.

To this day no one understood why the singer got a beard, because it doesn’t suit you.

The mandrel remained silent and only today decided to explain himself to fans.

It turns out that beard he needed to finish his new album.

She motivates him to be creative, and is the so-called deadline.

Now an artist in Los Angeles, where he writes his new album.

According to him, he will not shave my beard until, until the job is finished, even if it takes a lot of time and beard will be too long.

As it turned out, to Ivan Dorn beard interfere, and he cannot wait to say goodbye to her, but it will happen only after work on the album.

These are the principles of popular statemen.

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