It is with excitement: DiCaprio forgot Oscar in the restaurant

Это он от волнения: Ди Каприо забыл «Оскар» в ресторанеStatuette the actor returned to the casual visitor of the institution.

Looks like Leo well has celebrated its first “Oscar”. After the ceremony the actor with the coveted award went to the afterparty in one of the restaurants in Los Angeles. There is an actor constantly Smoking the electronic cigarette, trying to calm excited nerves, and leaned on expensive champagne. And, apparently, overdid it with strong drinks. Since the restaurant DiCaprio went without a gold statuette.

Sitting in his car, the actor have already been intended to go back home, but at the last moment, his car was overtaken by the casual visitor of the institution and with the words: “would You like to take it with you?” drawled Leo an Oscar.

DiCaprio at the unexpected discovery reacted calmly, asking him to send her assistant, because his hands were at that moment busy with a bottle of impressive size.

Many have joked on this topic, stating that for twenty years, Leo is heavily used to the idea that he will have no figurines. Before this ceremony, he was on the list of nominees five times: four times nominated for an award in an acting category (“What’s eating Gilbert Grape,” “Aviator”, “blood diamond”, “the Wolf of wall street”) and once got into the list of nominees as a producer (“the Wolf of wall street”). So we decided that this award to him only a dream. Maybe he thought this year’s Oscars, he did not need… Why? If for him two awards made in Russia: one of the statues – the Orthodox Union of Cossacks IRBIS from St. Petersburg, the second – Yakut masters.

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It should be noted that the awarding DiCaprio set a record on Twitter. After the announcement of results ceremony users wrote more than 400 thousand messages with the name of the actor in one minute.

And even the Russian Ministry of culture did not miss the opportunity to celebrate this momentous event. Our officials congratulated Hollywood actor with a long-awaited statuette, laying out the photoshopped pictures on the official website of the Department in Instagram.

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