Irina Grineva biography, photos

Ирина Гринева — биография, фотографии

Irina Grineva, a famous actress of Russia, does not like to dwell on his personal life. All the questions on this topic, she sharply replies: “I don’t want to speak on this subject”.

Ирина Гринева — биография, фотографии

However, we all know that behind Irina’s divorce, and in this – new husband. The first marriage of Irina Grineva was with Andrey Zvyagintsev, acclaimed Director. About my first husband, the actress says nothing, only confirming the fact of marriage. Their joint Alliance has survived 6 years and ended in divorce.

Ирина Гринева — биография, фотографии

November 20, 2010 Irina Grineva is getting married again, choice – figure skating champion Maxim Shabalin. Irina Maxim big difference in age, the actress is older than her husband by 9 years! But it is not an obstacle for the young, and they legalized the relationship.

Ирина Гринева — биография, фотографии

The bride and groom were married in a Moscow registry office Griboyedov. The wedding took place in a Church, then young went for a celebratory meal with relatives. Andrew charmed Irina on the first date, when I drove it in the Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery.

Ирина Гринева — биография, фотографии

A month after the wedding in the press there were rumors about pregnancy of the bride, but as time has shown, they were not confirmed.

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