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Insiders: Shia LaBeouf and MIA Goth engaged

Инсайдеры: Шайя ЛаБеф и Миа Гот помолвлены

The Western press is replete with reports that Shaya LaBeouf made his lover MIA Goth proposal of marriage. And told about the changes in his life LaBeouf. And told not to journalists, the actor shared the news with random people, met him on the way.

One source claims that LaBeouf casually informed, will soon legalize their relationship with the Goth cashier at the supermarket. Another source insists that the first person LaBeouf has told of the impending marriage, was one of the protesters #ELEVATE, organized by actor.

Another evidence is the diamond ring that was spotted on the ring finger of Goth.

Инсайдеры: Шайя ЛаБеф и Миа Гот помолвлены
MIA Goth and Shia LaBeouf

Shaya and MIA met in 2012 while filming Lars von Trier’s “Nymphomaniac”, where they had a chance to play in several joint erotic scenes. LaBeouf at the time broke up with his girlfriend, and his attention was occupied by the Goth. However, after a year, celebrities decided to end their relationship, but in 2014 resumed them.

I must say that Shaya and MIA is one of the most eccentric star couples. For example, in an interview, LaBeouf said he was raped by one of the visitors of the exhibition titled I Am Sorry – this art project he had presented in mid-February two years ago. I will say that it was the most obvious betrayal? But the actor doesn’t think so. And, apparently, the Goth he was able to inspire the same.

In addition, Shaya and MIA last summer had a fight in front of passers-by. According to an eyewitness, LaBeouf admitted that he “could kill MIA, if its not taken.” Here such uneasy relationship in newly married.

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