In the US, nearly broke the tournament Pokemon GO

В США едва не сорвали турнир по Pokemon GO
В США едва не сорвали турнир по Pokemon GO

In Boston, police arrested two young men — 27-year-old James Stumbo and 18-year-old Kevin Norton. The reason for the detention is that they threatened the participants of the tournament at the Pokemon GO and illegally kept weapons and ammunition.

From representatives of the security service received message about the threat posed by Stambo and Norton the participants of the tournament. As it turned out, they were threatened with physical violence in social networks. After a short investigation, the suspects were detained at the entrance to the exhibition center where the meeting was held. The next day, the police were allowed to search the suspects car, which was found an automatic rifle and a shotgun. Due to the fact that of documents on the weapons were not detained, they were taken into custody.

Recall, July 6 in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, the release of Pokemon Go to that is less than 24 hours topped the charts of free and top grossing apps App Store. According to statistics, every 20th American, on the smartphone which installed operating system of Google, has managed to install this game.

Just 5 days budget of the Japanese company Nintendo, is the developer of the application, increased by $ 7.5 billion. The games became so popular that it has overtaken in search queries porn. The next day after the game for a while, there was a collapse of the servers because there were too many wanting to play, resulting in an overload condition occurred and the game crash and was showing green screen

The global launch of the popular toys had to be postponed indefinitely due to the fact that the interruption continues to this day. The only question is whether Niantic and the Pokemon Company to maintain the popularity of the game in a long time.

In Pokemon Go already actively playing the people of Ukraine. In addition, Vkontakte you can find a lot groups of Ukrainian fans of the pokemon that are already acquainted and meet across the country.

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