In Saudi Arabia women will whip fight in WhatsApp

В Саудовской Аравии женщин выпорют за ссору в WhatsApp

Two women in Saudi Arabia was sentenced to public flogging because of a quarrel which arose between them in WhatsApp messenger. During the discussion they used swear words, for which he was punished. The court saw in this incident a violation of the law on the purity of the language, so the two women got 20 lashes, according to

The judge stressed that if such a crime again, the core awaits a much more severe punishment. It should be said that the power of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has repeatedly upscales the international community because of the existence of the country’s gross violations of civil rights, suppression of freedom of speech and discrimination against the fairer sex. Earlier it was reported about creation of mixed-reality headset called the Linq, which was the company Stereolabs. Its main feature is the connection of virtual and augmented reality. The modern market is full of a variety of helmets and VR headsets, which can be transported into the world of video games, but the developers attention is attracted and augmented reality (the overlaying of virtual objects on the real world). Novelty equipped with 2 HD cameras to enable the user to see the world on the screen, which is located inside the helmet.

These cameras are able to recognize objects and people on 2 meters distance — it makes it possible for the user to interact with the real world through virtual reality. To demonstrate the capabilities of Linq, experts Stereolabs showed the game, the meaning of which is firing from the robots with the Blaster. Due to the fact that the real world is perceived in a special stereo camera Stereolab ZED the same as the person displayed on the screen of the helmet image is fully three-dimensional and allows you to move freely in space. Sale hat Linq will start next month. Already know about the device compatibility with Windows operating systems and Linux.


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