In Nepal started filming “Doctor Strange” is Benedict Cumberbatch

Here and there was what so long waited for fans of superhero blockbuster from Marvel studios. Recently started shooting one of the most anticipated premieres of the next year – “Doctor Strange”.

Of course, such an event could not pass without the participation of the fans of the comics. Thanks to an attentive audience we have the opportunity to spy on the work crew team in Nepal (currently shooting a fantastic movie).

On the set of a Brit Benedict Cumberbatch tried on a completely unusual way – instead of a classic suit or coat, Benedict appears to us in the form of wanderer-Sluts.

Such a way of life Dr. Strange caused the accident, which deprived him of the opportunity to operate because of a hand injury. For treatment, the doctor spent all their savings, but never found the way to restore the old skills. Now the strange travels the world and is in Nepal, where a mysterious mentor teaches him magic.

We will remind, the company Cumberbatch “Dr. Strange” will be Tilda Swinton (Dr. mentor) and Rachel McAdams (his lover).

The premiere is scheduled for autumn next year.

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