Igor Nikolaev was embarrassed in the Kremlin

Игорь Николаев оконфузился в Кремле

Famous pop singer, who recently for the second time became a father, disgraced during his speech in the Kremlin, informs

The concert was dedicated to the day of workers of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia.

The concert of Igor Nikolaev can be considered a failure.

The singer was trying to create the illusion of a live performance, and musicians who were together with him on the stage, did not even bother believable to play on is not connected the tools.

As the backing singers came out of the girl, which for some reason was singing the male voices.

Nikolaev and he thus pretended that everything is in order, and continued to sing.

The audience immediately noticed the puncture and was disappointed that instead of a live performance of Igor Nikolaev was just wriggled on the stage under the track.

In the end, Nikolaev almost did not applaud.

Fans wonder, do all their concerts for the last years the singer did not sing live, but lip-synched.

Nikolaev has not commented on the incident.

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