Host of the show “heads and tails” decided on an unusual procedure

Ведущая шоу «Орел и решка» решилась на необычную процедуру
Ведущая шоу «Орел и решка» решилась на необычную процедуру

Famous TV presenter and singer Regina todorenko again stepped over your own informs

She not only had to do the filming of the program “heads and tails”: there are insects to escape from the criminals, sleeping in a tent and much more.

This time, while in the Philippines, Regina was not afraid to try a very unusual procedure: a snake massage.

And all anything, if Todorenko to death was not afraid of creeping reptiles.

Of course, what kind of life the TV presenter could not be afraid, because the guides assured her that the snake she will not do anything.

However, it is impossible not to be afraid, when you crawl for two snakes, each of which weighs almost more than Regina herself.

Note that this original entertainment is one of the most popular in the Philippines.

Usually this massage is done by Burmese pythons.

Before the procedure, fill them fed, so they never took a man for his food.

It is remarkable that for such a massage is absolutely not necessary to pay.

The cost is the courage willing to try such an unusual procedure.

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