Halle berry recommends a book which tells how to lose weight

Хэлли Берри рекомендует книгу в которой рассказывают, как похудеть

Хэлли Берри рекомендует книгу в которой рассказывают, как похудеть

Halle berry is widely advertised a delightful cookbook of Maria Emmerich’s keto, so the press couldn’t pass up and invited the author to get tips on how to stay in shape!

Halle berry proudly showed support for the ketogenic cookbook by Maria Emmerich, Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking, in his articles in Instagram in may of 2018, she has lobbied extensively for her useful book. So, the journalists managed to talk with the author of the cookbook, to learn how she has teamed up with the 53-year-old winner of the Oscar and why her book works so well for the ageless stars. “Halle suffers from diabetes, therefore, it is necessary to control the level of glucose in the blood, and the ketogenic diet is great for glucose control,” explains Maria. “She has all my books, but I think she really likes the book Quick & Easy because, being a busy mom, she likes quick and simple options that can be very useful in our busy lives”.
“Keto not only helps to control the glucose level in blood, but and provides energy to stay active and relieve her amazing workout,” continued Maria. “On a keto diet you decrease the hunger and cravings, more energy, more clarity of mind and a lot more when the brain runs on ketones. This will help you stay on the right track, because you feel so good”. Mary sat up and shared why the keto diet works so well, and she also shared the perfect plan keto!

Хэлли Берри рекомендует книгу в которой рассказывают, как похудеть
Why the keto diet works so well for weight loss?

Maria: the Keto Diet forces the body to use fat as fuel, eliminating a large part of its dependence on glucose. This makes burning fat you want to lose, easier. It also balances hormones, thus, it reduces cravings and hunger that facilitates weight loss.

What specific steps to take to start a keto diet to lose weight?

Maria: Start with reducing carbohydrates from your diet. As a rule, we advise clients to consume less than 20 grams of carbohydrates a day. The next step is to make sure that you eat enough protein, as you need it to maintain and repair muscle and skin tissue. You can adjust the amounts of fat, depending on your needs, you can include more if you want to retain or gain and eat less if you want to lose weight.

Macros can be very confusing and upsetting for some people. So, you can easily explain what are macros?

Maria: macros are the grams of fat, protein and carbohydrates that you eat. Carbohydrates are the limit of 20 g or less. Protein is the goal, based on muscle mass (how great you are and how much muscle you have). We recommend that 0.8 times your dry weight in grams of protein a day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds and have 33% body fat, that means you have 100 pounds of muscle mass. Therefore, your protein goal is 80 grams a day. Finally, the fat you adjust depending on your goals. If weight loss is the goal, fat is the limit. Overall, the grams of fat, equal to or below your target norm of protein, are a good goal for weight loss. In this example, it will be 80 g or less of fat.

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