Halle berry in a Smoking-hot dress proves that has no age

Хэлли Берри в суперсексуальном платье доказывает, что не имеет возраста

Хэлли Берри в суперсексуальном платье доказывает, что не имеет возраста

Halle berry this week has hit the tabloids with a stunning photo where she is depicted in incredibly sexy in a long, but very revealing silk dress with a slit from the hip.

Fifty-three, has never looked better. 28 Oct Halle berry graced the strip for its incredible Instagram pictures by posting the gorgeous photo, which is wearing a slinky purple dress. The dress under different light there are shades of purple-pink-purple. The colors of this dress is the perfect figure from the brand RG Kimono. And of course, Hallie is damn good in this Siggy awhile. Silk dress at the waist was tied a belt, showing off the incredible tiny waist actress. Dress-kimono wasn’t flashy details, rhinestones, feathers and other paraphernalia of the star outfits, and yet the very simplicity gave him extraordinary chic. Well, of course, the basis of the success of this outfit is the perfect figure of Hallie, which will make the perfect and most simple thing!

Хэлли Берри в суперсексуальном платье доказывает, что не имеет возраста

In the photo published in Instagram, Hallie is standing, leaning against the wall, exposing his incredibly long legs. Honestly, it’s not fair how good she looks at her age. As reports the edition CHURCH, this photo is is one of West Hollywood shops.
Her famous friends and fans could not did not respond to a beautiful photo that appeared on the network. “Oh, Yes! My sister is great!” commented Arsenio Hall. And Yvette Nicole brown wrote: “Great, my sister is in Cleveland !!!”. Kim fields commented: “Simply unbeatable”. Also the tape under the post dazzled with a succession of heartfelt smiles and compliments.

Hallie recently, on 14 August was 53 years old, which seems absolutely impossible. She looks half her age, she once again proved his candid photos. As, for example, a photo where Halle is etched in a wet t-shirt without underwear. This photo appeared in the network on the day of the birth of a star, thus she wanted to show that absolutely “do not steamed” about their age. And we believe her definitely!

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